About Verbato.ai

Verbato is a startup company founded by two Israelis from Santa Monica, CA.

​We're building a unique platform that harmonizes the complicated, potentially expensive and constantly changing 3rd party AI engines like LLMs, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, computer vision, and others seamlessly and affordably. Using Verbato, content creators and developers can easily create custom characters in minutes to engage their customers, fans, and players.

We just launched our first product to help website owners & operators to easily make information about their products and/or services easily and immediately accessible to potential customers.​

The idea is that the AI is your product specialist, and it can answer any question the customer might have about your product. The AI is there 24/7, is always polite and helpful, and by viewing the conversation logs you can spot knowledge gaps which will help you teach the AI further. Every new piece of knowledge you teach the AI is immediately available to any future customer that uses the AI. However, the same utility applies to entertainment, gaming, education, b2b, and more!

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